Tip of the Day: A Lint Free Finish Applicator Trick

Finding a way to apply topcoat (poly) or stain without the bits of lint embedding in the finish is not an easy task. Here’s a trick that is really useful! It just takes TWO items: Inexpensive applicators (these were bought at Walmart for $1.50 for two) and a nylon knee high** (I buy the value size box at Walmart)!  Read the captioning to see how to create a lint-free finish applicator!  Read more

Tip of the Day: Topcoat Applicators!

These sponge applicators** are great for applying water-based polys/topcoats! The finish is smooth as glass, nary a ‘lap’ mark or streak! They clean up great with soap and water. I also put water based stain on with one and it was great for that too!

I’ve not tried them with oil-based wiping polys or topcoats as I’m not sure how they would clean up. I’m thinking mineral spirits would destroy the sponge or pretty much melt/dissolve it.

They are $4 for 2 at Walmart and while that’s not terribly inexpensive, they give such a pretty and smooth finish that you won’t regret the purchase. If you use a wiping poly (are there any that are water-based?), I bet they would be great for those as well (water based ones). Below is how it looks out of the box. They are not terribly large but I was able to topcoat a large side table quite easily with it!


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How To Recognize MCM (Mid-Century Modern) Furniture

1960s dresser
Although easily mistaken for an MCM dresser, this is not your typical example of MCM, although it has MCM elements. (Source: www.icollector.com/Large-1960-s-Cream-Colored-Dresser_i9419936)

My guess is, you’ve seen this sort of ad a time or two:

For Sale: Great mid-century modern dresser! This won’t last! Grab it fast for $600! Read more

Lights, Camera ~ Action, Setting the Stage

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So you just refinished a beautiful piece and now you want to stage to it so you can take pictures and highlight its beauty.   Well there really is no magic formula ~ but there are a couple simple techniques and tips I’d like to share. . . First,  think of your piece as if you were going to place it in your home, how would you decorate it?  Read more

Defining Antique Furniture vs Vintage Furniture

waterfall chest of drawers, vintage furniture
1930’s waterfall chest of drawers, example of vintage furniture, (Source: Renewed Relics/Facebook)

How many times have you seen a lovely mid-century piece of French provincial furniture advertised on Craigslist or Facebook as an ‘antique’ or that interesting 1930s waterfall chest of drawers described  as a beautiful antique chest of drawers? I have, too many times to count. Read more